How to prevent lice in 2 Easy Steps

Having lice in your hair is not only embarrassing but it is irritating as well. These crawling little insects can affect your daily life to a great extent. Families with school going kids are more prone to get affected with lice because even though none of your family members have lice but your kids may bring some as a result of socializing with fifty other kids in school. So, if you are one of them then you have already faced the hardship involved in the process of making your home and your hair lice free. However, as it is apparent that lice may come into your house anytime through any ways, so why wait for the time when they start crawling your scalp. Instead, take necessary steps to prevent its occurrence. It is easy and it will also save you a great deal of trouble that you may face while getting rid of it. So, here are two important steps regarding how to prevent lice in your family:

Step 1

The first step in how to prevent lice is to make sure you prevent their breakout. It is well know that lice cannot fly, they can only crawl from one head to another. So, prevent the crawling. You can make it difficult for lice to crawl if you tie your or your little girl’s long hair up almost all the time during lice breakout. It makes the lice slow and prevents them to crawl freely. You can also use buns, ponytails or even braids as a way to prevent lice from spreading in your house. Besides this, you also need to spray lice repellent regularly on your children’s head as it will kill the lice or make it weak enough to die soon. You can use natural ingredients like rosemary oil or tea tree oil as lice repellent agents. These ingredients are free of harmful chemicals but are strong enough to kill lice without irritating your skin try this way now .

Step 2

The second step in how to prevent lice is checking your children’s head regularly. If you check their hair regularly, you will prevent the outburst of these little creatures. Even if you are not yet infested with lice, you are required to check their hair routinely because you never know when you may find the lice or nits in one of your kid’s head. It happens quickly. Today you may find their hair completely clean and the next day they may come home scratching their head and saying that their teacher found lice in their heads. However, checking for lice or nits can also be a very difficult job for parents, especially the ones with glasses because it needs careful inspection of the many hair strands. But you can do it easily if you follow certain tips. Buy a lice comb and comb your kid’s hair while they are still wet. After combing the hair wipe both sides of the comb with a white tissue paper so that you will know if it contains any lice or even nits. In this way, you can easily prevent the breakout of lice in your family.

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