How to kill lice by following three easy steps

Getting lice in your hair is an annoying event for every living person on this planet. It causes such strong itching that you can’t help it but surrender you finger nails to it even if you are in the most important meeting of your life where maintaining etiquette is one of the foremost requirement. So, such is the strength of lice. Therefore, it is apparent that people want to get rid of it as soon as they get it and the only way to become lice free is to know how to kill lice altogether without leaving any trace of them. Fortunately, you can kill all the lice from your head within a very short time by following the three steps mentioned below:

  1. Buy pediculicide

Pediculicide is a chemical compound which is designed specially to kill lice in your head. It can be found in a bottle in any pharmacy. Certain brands of pediculicide, however, can be obtained only through a prescription by a registered medical practitioner. Moreover, it is also important to choose a well-reviewed brand of pediculicide because the cheap brands may not work as effectively as the good brands. So, before buying this treatment you can consult a relevant person who has previously used pediculicide to kill their head lice. Moreover, certain products of this treatment kill only the lice while some others kill both the lice and the nits. You are advised to choose the one which kills both lice as well as their eggs and also don’t forgget to check out ? .

  1. Wear old clothes while killing the lice

As mentioned earlier, pediculicide is a chemical compound and so, it may leave stain in your clothes during the application process. On the other hand, the lice present in your hair will get the tendency to jump onto your clothes in order to get away from the chemical and to survive on your skin until your hair gets clean. So, make sure you wear old clothes which can either be washed with very high heat or can be discarded later. It is especially important for people with long thick hair because lice find it convenient to jump on your clothes by crawling along the length of your hair.

  1. Follow instructions

If you want to kill all the lice in your hair then it is necessary to read the instructions written in the pediculicide bottle before starting to apply in your hair. As it is available in a liquid form so it is easy to apply throughout your hair, behind your ears and also at the base of your neck. In short, you have to seal all the places along your hairline to prevent the lice from getting out of your head. Apply it gently throughout your hair and scalp and keep it that way for a specific amount of time written in the bottle instruction. Then rinse the chemical with only water without using any shampoo. In fact, for effective results, don’t use shampoo for the next two days. So, with these three steps you can easily kill the head lice altogether within just one treatment.

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